Meet British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Team

British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey, Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley FRSB, Director of Innovation and Impact and Chair of the Net Zero Carbon Strategy Group at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and her Innovation Team will open their doors to Ambassadors’ Day: Corporate Net Zero participants on 19 January 2023. 

Following our extensive cooperation over the last 5 years, Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley FRSB and her team will host the event at their premises to shine the light on the importance of sustainability, decarbonisation, environment and leadeship among corporate and public entities and businesses at this critical time. Beatrix, BAS and their Innovation team will facilitate guided evidence tours and leading science and industry talks with comprehensive leadership programme for participants of Ambassadors’ Day: Corporate Net Zero. 

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. Its skilled science and support staff based in Cambridge, Antarctica and the Arctic, work together to deliver research that uses the Polar Regions to advance our understanding of Earth as a sustainable planet. Through its extensive logistic capability and know-how BAS facilitates access for the British and international science community to the UK polar research operation. Numerous national and international collaborations, combined with an excellent infrastructure help sustain a world leading position for the UK in Antarctic affairs.

As an organisation that works to understand, tackle and mitigate the effects of climate change, and embed evidence in decision making and climate policy, we aim to decarbonise our own operations as fast as possible. We are committed to achieving net zero carbon operations by 2040, and are keen to collaborate with others who can help us achieve that, and who could benefit from our expertise.

British Antarctic Survey is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). NERC is part of UK Research and Innovation


“Every moment matters, every action counts. Now is our time to show true leadership in decarbonising our organisations and supply chains.”

Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley FRSB, Director of Innovation and Impact and Chair of the Net Zero Carbon Strategy Group, British Antarctic Survey

Net Zero Challenges – Tackling Scope 3 Emissions

Undeniably achieving Net Zero is the biggest challenge our planet faces at the moment. Responsible businesses hence put a strong focus on reducing their carbon emissions.
This is difficult enough to achieve for Scope 1 and 2 emissions, where each business has a substantial amount of control. How can we tackle the ever-elusive indirect Scope 3 emissions from our supply- and value-chains?

Meet BAS Team

Prof Maria Fox, Automated Planning Expert, British Antarctic Survey


Dr Julius Rix, Ice Core Drilling Engineer & Head of BAS Engineering & Technology, British Antarctic Survey

Nopi Exizidou, Net Zero Transition Lead, British Antarctic Survey

Clare Fothergill, Rothera Renewable Energy Lead, British Antarctic Survey

Dr Jennifer Jackson, Whale Biologist, British Antarctic Survey

Dr Katrin Linse, Biodiversity Biologist, British Antarctic Survey

Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley FRSB, Director of Innovation and Impact and Chair of the Net Zero Carbon Strategy Group, British Antarctic Survey

Jonathan Smith, AI/ML Research Scientist, British Antarctic Survey

Join BAS on 3 Bespoke Guided Tours

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is a world leader in climate science, conservation and environmental stewardship.

BAS’s glaciological research is at the forefront of international science, providing evidence of the impact of human activities on climate.

Our scientists are widely trusted to provide straightforward and impartial advice, and play a part in guiding national and international policy – BAS has provided key IPCC authors since 1999. Today BAS teams lead some of the most ambitious and influential scientific endeavours to reduce uncertainty in global issues, such sea-level rise, space weather, climate change and conservation.

Bespoke guided tours at BAS unlock the stories behind the scientific evidence, and compel to take action to preserve our precious planet.

During the Ambassadors’ Day, you will participate in 3 bespoke guided tours:

Station 1: Ice Core Experience: tangible evidence of climate change from ancient atmospheres (focus: climate evidence) 

Much of BAS’s climate change research is channelled through its ice-core labs. Slices of ice core, drilled from the depths of the Earth’s ice sheets, reveal details of the planet’s past climate.

Station 2: Tackling emissions: Harnessing AI to optimize shipping routes and more (focus: solutions) 

Being more efficient in the use of energy will make the challenge of meeting demand in sustainable ways easier. Automation, AI and machine learning can play an important part in this.

Station 3: Sentinels of change: Biodiversity in the polar regions (focus: inspirational)
While the icy landscapes in much of Antarctica  look bleak and devoid of life, the Southern Ocean is teaming with rich biodiversity and our decisions and actions as Ambassadors make a difference!

Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley FRSBDirector of Innovation and Impact and Chair of the Net Zero Carbon Strategy Group at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and BAS Innovation Team will be welcoming our participants, the  Ambassadors, at their BAS AURORA Innovation Centre on 19 January 2023, Ambassadors’ Day. 

Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley will be opening the Ambassadors’ Day and speaking in:

9.25 – 9.45, Welcome & scene setting for Net Zero Leadership 

Clare Fothergill, Rothera Renewable Energy Lead at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will be speaking in:

9.45 – 10.10, Achieving Net Zero in extreme environments incl Q&A

You will meet and will be able to ask wider BAS team during their bespoke guided tours arranged for our participants following the talks and which will start at around 10.30. 

See the timetable of the Ambassadors’ Day, 19 January 2023

If you would like to meet with Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley, British Antarctic Survey Innovation Team and experience their bespoke guided tours don’t forget to bok your place.