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Environment Agency has partnered with Ambassadors’ Day: Corporate Net Zero and will bring their public body and environment regulator perspective on achieving Net Zero and creating lower-carbon environment. Environment Agency will offer participants an expert audience with their top management. 

Being a large complex organisation that builds significant flood defence infrastructure protecting hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, the scale of Net Zero challenge is enormous. But Environment Agency have been very proactive over the past 15 years with very impressive results already achieved and they are uniquely positioned to share their experience and lessons with other stakeholders around decarbonising their operations and scope 3 full value chain emissions. 

The Environment Agency was established in 1996 to protect and improve the environment. We have around 10,600 employees. We have offices located across England.  

  Within England we are responsible for:  

  • – regulating major industry and waste 
  • – treatment of contaminated land 
  • – water quality and resources 
  • – fisheries 
  • – inland river, estuary, and harbour navigations 
  • – conservation and ecology 

We are responsible for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries, and the sea. Our work also involves incident response, environmental monitoring and surveying and laboratory work. This is not an exhaustive list but helps to provide an overview.

The Environment Agency operates directly within England across a diverse range of sectors, communities, and groups. We have a supply chain spend of approximately £700m per year, with a global reach.

Environment Agency: EA2025 creating a better place

EA2025 is the Environment Agency’s 5-year plan from 2020-2025. This document describes our purpose, priorities, culture and values and shows our contribution to the 25-year environment plan.

The plan sets out 3 long term goals:

  • a nation resilient to climate change
  • healthy air, land and water
  • green growth and a sustainable future


Sustainability strategy

eMission2030 is our sustainability strategy.It outlines the commitments we will achieve to address the urgency and scale of the climate, environmental and social issues we currently face in our operations and supply chain. The UN Sustainable Development Goals were used as a framework for its development but most importantly it has also been developed with direct input from staff, suppliers, partners and peers.

Successfully meeting the eMission 2030 commitments will be reliant upon on an open, transparent and partnership approach to work on the risks, opportunities, and solutions together.

eMission 2030 is broken down into 4 priority areas.

  • responding to the climate emergency
  • reducing and optimising our use of resources
  • benefiting people and communities
  • deliver environmental net gain

It is important to note that these 4 priority areas are not independent of each other. They all interact and rely on each other to be successfully achieved in full.

Net Zero

The Environment Agency Net Zero strategy was published in May 2021. This outlines the actions the Environment Agency will take to cut its carbon emissions and achieve net zero carbon.


Simon Dawes, Environment Agency


“This is the decade the matters.  It is time to deliver on the ambitious promises of the last few years.  Failure to act is not an option.  The route to net zero is one littered with opportunity for business on the proviso we collaborate and work together”

Simon Dawes, Head of Net Zero and Circular economy within Sustainable Business, Environment Agency


Environment Agency - Pumping

The Environment Agency’s journey to net zero

Over the last 15 years the Environment Agency has achieved a 47% reduction in emissions from our direct activity.
Now we are going further by incorporating all of our Scope 3 supply chain emissions (84% of total emissions) into our Net Zero reduction targets. 

EV2- Environment Agency

First Government Fleet Commitment met! 

The Greening Government Commitments (GGCs) set out the actions UK government departments and their partner organisations will take to reduce their impacts on the environment in the period 2021 to 2025.

Environment Agency

Interview with Simon Dawes, Head of Net Zero and Circular economy within Sustainable Business, Environment Agency

Sustainability sits at the heart of everything we do – it is defined in the purpose of the Environment Agency.  We have said we will reduce our Scope 1 , 2 and 3 emissions by 45% by 2030.

Meet Environment Agency’s Team

Vanessa Griffiths, Environment Agency

Vanessa Griffiths, Deputy Director of Sustainable Business, Environment Agency

Dale Eynon

Dale Eynon, Director, Defra Group Fleet Services

Simon Dawes, Environment Agency

Simon Dawes, Head of Net Zero and Circular economy within Sustainable Business, Environment Agency

Vanessa Griffiths, Deputy Director of Sustainable Business, Dale Eynon, Director, Defra Group Fleet Services and Simon Dawes, Head of Net Zero and Circular economy within Sustainable Business will be presenting Environment Agency’s Corporate Net Zero Journey on 19 January 2023 for 1 hour in a style of “Audience with Partner” with slide presentation and extensive 1-2-1 Q&As with Mark and his team: 

14.30 – 15.30 Audience with Environment Agency

The Audience format will consist of intial 30 mins team slide presentation and latter 30 mins of 1-2-1 Q&As with Partner’s team.

The format will offer an opportunity to hear from and engage directly with company’s top management team on the details of their corporate Net Zero journey and will offer a clearer understanding of best practices and latest thinking on co-ordinating on decarbonisation, mobilising the organisation for delivery, building innovative partnerships and financing models to fuel decarbonisation, leveraging green financing solutions, integrating carbon into business decisions and corporate governance, finding and trialling suitable decarbonisation technologies, creating actionable and cost effective decarbonisation plan, showing what the end result might look like and inspiring others with their Net Zero journey.

See the timetable of the Ambassadors’ Day, 19 January 2023

If you would like to meet with Vanessa Griffiths and Environment Agency Team please register below.